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With stuff in it. Why, would you begin with an empty bag that is heavy? The Outbreaker travel daypack weighs 1. The lightest contender among the leaders with a built in charger is double the weight of our bag, the heaviest tips the scales at nearly five times the weight of Outbreaker daypack. Of course the other factor that no one is talking about is that these battery packs become obsolete in no time flat. Remember what you were carrying for external power two years ago? How long do you expect your luggage to last?

When a piece of luggage tries to do too many things, it ends up doing nothing well. No need to spend a fortune. Then, upgrade when it makes sense.

Hands down, the most important metric when it comes to choosing an external battery pack is mAh milli-Ampere-hours. The higher the mAh, the longer your battery will last. If you have an iPhone 6s mAh , any battery pack over mAh will give you at least one full recharge. Easy peasy. There are a ton of other factors like discharge speed 1A vs 1. If you want to geek out on charging specs and features, read this deep dive into battery pack tech and specs from The Wirecutter.


Best Portable Charger - Battery Packs for Phones, Tablets & Gadgets

Those guys know their stuff. At 13 oz. One of the best battery packs for your buck from one of the most trusted names in external battery packs in the industry. This external battery is a straight up workhorse. Fully loaded with 3 USB outputs, including a 2. This battery can charge in sleep mode, carry a full charge for nine days, and charge multiple devices at once. Another tank like option for heavy users on the go, the Aukey features an extra charging port 4 vs. A great choice for gamers on the move, this bad boy features a USB C charger for laptops and can even charge a Nintendo Switch in a few hours.

However, the PNY is worth mentioning for the price tag alone. One input, one output, one charge. Delivering just what you need when you need it. Perfect for weekend trips, long flights, or just keeping in your bag for emergencies. This modern marvel is only 5mm thick, and weighs less than 2 oz. Seriously, this is the ultimate get out of jail free battery charger.

Perfect for business travelers and digital nomads, you can toss this in your wallet or that little zipper of your daybag and forget about it until you need it.

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You should easily get around 10 full charges of your iPhone X with this one, or even a MacBook Air a couple of times over. There's a very handy digital screen on the front, which shows you how much juice is left inside the charger, so you're never caught short. With a 3. Despite its huge capacity, it's not actually too hefty to carry around, about the same size as two smartphones placed on top of each other and with a weight of g.

With a 12,mAh capacity, this charger from Proporta will give multiple charges to all smartphones, and has two USB ports. Thanks to the 2. And, well, 55 million people can't be wrong. It's a very sleek device It's 10,mAh capacity is decent for the price, and will charge your smartphone a couple of times, at least. There's only one USB port, which is something to bear in mind. It feels very durable too, and should survive the bumps and scrapes in your rucksack or in the office. This is the most expensive charger on our list by some way, but the old adage that you get what you pay for holds true.

And when your device is back up to full power, the charger will turn itself off automatically. It weighs g and is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. The 20,mAh capacity is enough to charge a smartphone many times over. And if your smartphone is compatible with Quick Charge 3. Anker is one of the biggest, most reliable portable charger brands in America, and this product is among its most popular. Available in red, black, blue or white. This charger is as slim and as wide as an iPhone, but not as long, and only weighs 41g, meaning it is genuinely pocket friendly.

It will definitely give a full charge to smartphones sized around 2,mAh. This is another tiny, great value charger that will give a full charge to most smartphones. It only weighs g and is just under 10cm tall but manages to pack in a 5,mAh capacity, with four LED battery indicators on the top. It has an auto-detect output, with speedy charging up to 2. At less than a tenner, we think this one is a bargain.

The Best USB Power Banks and Battery Packs

Available in a range of colours. Our Best Buy is the Aukey charger , which is an excellent combination of everything you need in a charger: IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage.

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Best overall power bank: Mophie Powerstation Plus XL [mophie. At a Glance. Cons Not terribly travel friendly Requires independent charger. Tronsmart Presto PBT Pros Small and lightweight Efficient QC 3. Pros Very high efficiency Fast wireless charging. Cons microUSB port for charging. Pros Large capacity High build quality Small footprint. Cons Average efficiency. Pros Works with smartphones, computers, and the Nintendo Switch Substantially faster than the competition. Cons Pricey A bit bulky. Mophie Powerstation Plus XL.

The Best Portable Chargers and Power Banks for 12222

Pros Lightweight and portable Charging cable with dual charging tips included Standalone USB port for additional device changing. Cons Fickle charging input. Outxe Savage 20,mAh. Pros Bright flashlight with option SOS feature. Quick recharge if you use two ports. Can top off your battery power with integrated solar panel. Cons Solar charging requires a lot of time. At Pros It has a wireless charging pad built into it Slightly above-average efficiency Sturdy design. Pros High efficiency Wireless charging up to 10W.

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Pros Informative display Airline approved Numerous ports. Cons Pricey Slow wireless charging. Pros Solid build quality Packs a punch Universal cable is nifty.

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Outlet Evaders battery pack. Pros Stickers add a personal flair Respectable efficiency Compact size. Pros Efficient LCD display. Cons Heavy Clunky design.

external cell phone battery charger reviews External cell phone battery charger reviews
external cell phone battery charger reviews External cell phone battery charger reviews
external cell phone battery charger reviews External cell phone battery charger reviews
external cell phone battery charger reviews External cell phone battery charger reviews
external cell phone battery charger reviews External cell phone battery charger reviews
external cell phone battery charger reviews External cell phone battery charger reviews
external cell phone battery charger reviews External cell phone battery charger reviews

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