16gb mobile memory card price in india

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The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty for its microSD cards, which speaks in favour of their quality and long service life. Given the technical characteristics of this micro SD memory card, it will become a great addition to any modern smartphone or tablet. Expand your gadget's capacity before you run out of free space. If you often travel by plane, you know that customs supervision is an essential procedure to go through.

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Memory Card Prices In India

However, it's not only you who customs officials examine. All your goods have to be scanned too.

Both 32GB and 64GB capacities are big enough to hold a lot of information. If you own a camera and need a card to store your pictures, this amount of storage will surely suffice. For those who're not sure which card to use with their smartphone or tablet, we'd recommend taking a look at micro SDs of the Sandisk Ultra series. These cards are available in 16GB and 32GB capacities. Will it be enough for you? Let's see. Besides, all Sandisk Ultra models of micro SD cards are compatible with SanDisk Memory Zone where you can organize, view, and backup the needed media data in any way convenient to you.

The memory card has the 10th class of speed, which means, it will record all your media data, including Full HD videos, very quickly. The fact that the card is waterproof, temperature-proof , X-Ray-proof, and resistant to shocks, guarantees safety and protection of all your media data.

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For those processing a lot of information all the time, we'd recommend reading our USB cables reviews with which transferring data between digital devices will be more convenient. Sony is one of the leading companies in manufacturing electronic devices, therefore it's not surprising, its memory cards are high quality too. It will provide you with ample room for your collections of music, pictures, and some of the videos in Full HD.

In order to keep the data safe, having a micro SD card only is hardly enough. At the end of a day, your card can be stolen or lost! Besides, it is also very easy to delete the important data accidentally when organizing or viewing the files.

What is a MicroSD Card

For this reason, the market offers a good load of applications designed for quick data recovery. Being the leader in electronic devices production, Kingston company successfully combines simplicity, efficiency, and quality in its products. This is probably one of the main reasons why its micro SD cards are so popular among users around the world. The compliance of the card with the 10th class makes it the best choice for storing high-quality photos, Full HD videos, and more media data.

None of your data will lose quality nor will you run a risk of losing it completely unless you decide to delete it. As an added bonus, the card is supplied with an SD adapter. Out-of-the-box the card is formatted in Fat32, however, if needed, it could be reformatted to be compatible with other devices you've got. Due to the technical specs of this card, it can be used with a wide variety of digital gadgets, including high-end action cameras.

Of course, the first thing to consider when choosing a memory card is the memory standard which directly affects its volume. What's the difference between the two? However, you should also consider whether the chosen card is going to be compatible with your device, as not all smartphones can support such a big amount of memory. With regards to the memory capacity, all numbers are self-explanatory.

The bigger the memory the more data the card will store. After you decide on the capacity, consider the class of the card to understand how quick the process of data exchange will be. Here are the common classes that can be found on the market:.

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For UHS cards, the speed class is marked by the number 1 or 3 inside the U letter. Accordingly, the higher the class, the higher the speed.

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This will finally result in faster processing of your digital data. MicroSD card protection is of no less importance and therefore, should be taken into account too. It's got to be well protected from shocks, as well as resistant to water and extreme temperatures, so you could safely use it in different environmental conditions. We'd also recommend you to opt for the card with protection from dust, X-rays, and vibrations. The duration of manufacturer warranty will tell you a lot about the quality of the product. Paytm Mall offers an exclusive range of memory cards at discounted prices and shopping offers.

We have got all the major brands covered for you under one roof to help you find the one that you are looking for. Some important factors that you need to keep in mind when looking for a memory card include the following. There are 4 different class speed of a standard SD memory card that is devised by the SD Association to help users select the right one.

Not all memory cards offer the same speed. Speed class matters for particular tasks. It is the fastest and best for full HD video recording. These are most suitable for full HD video recording, HD still image, continuous shooting and 4k2k video recording. Memory cards are available in a wide range of capacities. Depending on your requirements and usage, you can decide how much storage space you need. Before you pick a card of higher storage capacity for your device, make sure it supports the hardware. Explore the vast assortment of memory cards at the portal available online from the best brands such as Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Kingston, Strontium, Silicon Power, Hitech, Magideal and many more for a great shopping experience.

You can choose from a class 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10, depending on your storage needs. We offer year round offers, money-saving deals and discounts to make your shopping experience a happier one. Now shop with us and save extra money. Surely it is. So what are you waiting for? Buy memory card at the best price in India and store huge files without worrying much about the space. Apart from memory cards, you can also look for pendrives, external hard disks, storage combos available at affordable prices.

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  8. Previous Page 1 2 Most helpful review. By providing card reader also in this price really good. Data transferable rate is quite fast. Read the full review. Most recent review. And not sure about its return policy!! Don't buy it ever! But performance is normal. Published 1 day ago by Pradeep Satyanarayan Naik. I bought this SD card for additional storage on my mobile.

    What Features to Compare

    I used it as an external storage on my Moto GE and for a few days it was working fine. Published 1 day ago by Theepaharan Thiyagarajan. Useless product. Published 2 days ago by Narendrasinh chauhan. I am using this card its work well but after 4 days it was crashed.. I suggested you not to buy this product. My primary aim was to shoot RAW and shoot in burst mode, and this keeps up more than expected. But sometimes it lags. The product is good.

    Seller needs some advise on packaging!! I received this product on time but the product's packaging came bent on one side The bent was just nearer to the memory card and it looks like it was made to place it on the Buy Memory Cards Online at Amazon India Memory cards are a convenient way to expand the storage capacity of your camera. Eligible for Pay On Delivery.

    Up to 2 GB.

    16gb mobile memory card price in india 16gb mobile memory card price in india
    16gb mobile memory card price in india 16gb mobile memory card price in india
    16gb mobile memory card price in india 16gb mobile memory card price in india
    16gb mobile memory card price in india 16gb mobile memory card price in india
    16gb mobile memory card price in india 16gb mobile memory card price in india
    16gb mobile memory card price in india 16gb mobile memory card price in india

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